2001 movie and Georges Yatrides

A controversy has long hovered over the authorship of the famous monolith.
Yet the work of painter Georges Yatrides plates since 1957 has monoliths, as demonstrated by several works which Yatrides analysis, anti-Picasso of Bourmeyster Alexander , dean of the University Stendhal-Grenoble III semiologist renamed , and Yatrides, master of time of Arthur Conte , Information Minister and CEO of the ORTF under the presidency of Georges Pompidou .

Although George Yatrides never claimed paternity rights to those who have used its plates monoliths from 1968, date of release of the film (including the editors of the book of Arthur C. Clarke , namely Polaris Publications Inc.. for the original edition and I read the French edition , which covers up the plate monolith Yatrides George), a symposium was held at the Society of Authors in the Graphic and Plastic Arts August 16, 2001 so that the plates Yatrides be recognized as having "compelling attributes of original works on the form and substance" and that MGM is committed to ensuring that the artist is now cited in the credits of the film.

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